IHF Aceh on the Radio!

It’s been another busy and exciting week at the Aceh center, and the time has flown by! It started with our first weekend workshop, hosted by Avri from ILOVEACEH. She showed the children how to make Lampions, a lamp shade made out of coloured cotton and PVA glue. Lots of children and families turned up for the event that we held outside in our garden under a makeshift marquee that we constructed. The children loved getitng their hands messy and the end results were beautiful and very professional-looking.


We are continuing our external classes at Blang Krueng and they are going extremely well. On Friday we had over thirty students from the area. The children are really enjoying their extra English and maths classes, especially the younger ones who can become very loud and excited when playing English games! To encourage more students to come to the center from the surrounding area, on Sunday a group of volunteers went to Neusu on a recruitment campaign. We talked to lots of families and gave them the schedule for the IHF classes, inviting them to come this week to have a look. This obviously worked as new students from Neusu attended our in-center classes this week, a great result!


Another exciting event this week occurred on Friday morning, when IHF members were interviewed on the Red Cross Radio in Aceh. This was made possible by one of our new volunteers, Vella, who works there. They interviewed Philippe, Joko and me about what IHF does in Aceh and our experiences volunteering there. I only expected to say hello as I don’t speak Indonesian, however they asked me a few questions that they then translated, catching me a little off-guard! It was a great marketing tool for the center and immediately after the program ended a new student came to the center to ask about our college classes.

radio 4

Things never stop here, there are always classes to teach, new campaigns to put into effect or new people to meet. It is a very rewarding experience to be involved in so many projects where I can actually see the results. I can’t believe that I am already half way through my time as a volunteer here, time flies at IHF Aceh!


Madeleine Gill


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