Bali is Busy with Quizzes

Third week in the Bali Center and I am really getting used to this place. It’s funny how everybody in the villages nearby know my name and say ” Hello Kah Barbaraaaaaaa”, especially the kids.

This week we had to do a lot of quizzes so I actually got to know if I was doing my work properly- They should get good grades! It wasn’t too bad and I am quite happy with the result . It’s a really hard job to get their attention especially for someone like me that has never taught in my entire life. It’s definitely a great challenge to my patience and imagination.
One of my weekly tasks is to go around the villages nearby Candidasa and Padangbai to try to get some new students and it’s funny how they look at me as if I am someone from another planet.  There’s almost no tourists in these areas and most of the people don’t speak a word of  English which makes my journey always different and unexpected.  Sometimes we ended up just doing gestures and smiling but I am glad that, at the end,  the words “English” and “free” are almost universal – that makes my job easier! Since I’ve arrived we have got 5 new students, so the result is quite positive!
photo (1)
On my time off this weekend  I went to Ubud with Emelie. I was there for 2 days before I arrived in the center but I really wanted to come back as it’s a really special place. In Ubud you can really experience the most of Balinese  culture….it’s full of amazing temples, designer shops and art galleries and you can visit the most beautiful home-stays with genuine Balinese people.
Emelie, our Bali Center Director, used to live there for about 6 months so she took me around her favorite places. We went to the market in the morning so I could buy some souvenirs to my family and after that we did some  sightseeing in the afternoon. Last but not the least, we ended up doing something completely different: We finished our day dancing some salsa in the Cuban restaurant called “Havana cafe” in Ubud. I am a big fan of salsa so I had the chance to teach Emelie the basic steps  -which is quite an amazing achievement! When we got back we had the chance to teach  at the school with some of our students. It was really great  fun, the girls especially loved it!
ubud image

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