Fun English Games in Medan!

The second week as well as the first week passed like a blink of an eye. Here, time passes very fast. The classes run on schedule. There are many local volunteers and teachers in the center who take the opportunity off from directors to teach. Even I had a lovely fight with Louise (the director of Medan center) on who would teach two English classes – we didn’t let anybody pick them and finally we decided to teach together.

pic 1

Students are so smart and active in the classes. We almost always play the English games that I designed in the class together, which they really enjoy. One of the games includes three rounds; in the first round we ask students to make a circle and then we ask questions one by one. If they know the answer we move onto the next person. If they don’t know the answer then they should take a seat. After all the students have been asked a question in the first round, we move onto the second round for those who are still standing up. The second round is a little it more fun, as the students decide who should be asked a question. If one knows about the answer he/she decides who is next. If he/she doesn’t know the answer, he/she needs to take a seat and the last person will decide. Normally, in this way, they make a rival and compete with each other. We always laugh at this stage. We continue until three students remain in the circle, and then we divide the rest of the students into three groups and every group is led by one of the winners from the previous round and a group competition is made.

As the students are always eager to win, they practice hard in order to be capable of answering the questions and remaining in the game.

I am really happy to be here and appreciate Louise’s great cooperation. She is pretty cool and we are doing well together in the center.

 Although we don’t have a house mother in the center, whose responsibility includes cleaning and cooking, we are able to share these tasks between the directors. However, the presence of local volunteers and teachers who help in the classes does decrease our local tasks and we can focus on other projects and international tasks.



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