A while back a former volunteer of ours, Rasika, suggested that we get in touch with Aflatoun (see their website here), an organization that promotes social and financial skills and responsibilities in children. Tess followed up on this suggestion from Rasika and got in touch with the Indonesian partner organization of Aflatoun, LeKDiS. LeKDiS immediately expressed interest in organizing a training workshop for the staff and volunteers of the IHF Jakarta Center. The workshop took place last weekend, Friday to Saturday at our center. There were 16 participants, 5 trainers and a huge amount of energy and good will. It was hard work, great fun and a discovery of great prospects of Aflatoun programs at IHF centers! We are so happy to have been able to not only take part in the workshop, but also host it at our center!

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Along the IHF staff, there was also a group of participants from a like-minded organization, Yasmin. Yasmin also works with children and we could learn from one another about how to make activities for children more creative, educational and more open to child’s spontaneity.The training style 0405201310079of the Aflatoun facilitators is very participation-oriented, involves a lot of visual aids, acting, mimicking, singing, dancing, competitions (with prizes!), craft- and poster-making… Learning through fun – this is what we, as future trainers, experienced from the workshop, and this is what we should, and will, pass on to our students in Aflatoun classes that we plan to open in June.

Organization of the workshop required involvement of the entire household. Our housekeeper, Ibu Titi, had to cook for over 20 people during these three days, and she did an amazing job! She’s better than any catering firm! Ayu and Tess helped to arrange accommodation for the Aflatoun trainers at our center, while Arnau and Ade coordinated the preparations. A lot of effort from all sides, and very high yields! We are now certified Aflatoun trainers and we will be reporting here about the progress of implementing Aflatoun classes in our center!

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