Munching away makes the heat bearable….

By Emmaline Stotter, Work-study volunteer at IHF Chiang Rai Center


This week there were a couple of bits & bobs that needed doing for the centre, so at the start of the week Kate and I were popping out on the scooter feeling very professional on the roads of Chiang Rai. We are starting to know our way around and gradually eased our way around corners and round round-abouts. There were some more vicious storms this week with strong winds. It did quite some damage on Tuesday morning, ripping out big trees and bringing down the canvas under which the close-by market was which was a real shame. Some of the bamboo at the centre was also ripped out and blocked the road. So out came us ladies and lads armed with are machetes to heroically clear the drive way!

By the middle of the week we had gotten the munchies (and thought it would be a good idea to get everyone involved in a group activity). So we made Chocolate-Cornflake-Cakes and ‘oh my’ …. they certainly settled our sugar cravings!

DSC05951 DSC05946

Some of the kids thought we were just serving everyone cerial as there was also a bottle of milk on the table! Everyone was put into groups and given a big bowl of conrflakes. Then, we had to chop up the big slab of chocolate and melt it down to mix in with the cornflakes. The kids were very into decorating their Chocoloate-Cornflake-Cakes with the sprinkles and smarties. They were then left to go hard in the fridge. We enjoyed them later on whilst the big rain storm shook the house and messed around with the lights. It was better than watching T.V.!

Besides the rainy nights, the days have been getting hotter! And off we were the next day to central market to get everyone’s school uniform sorted. All the children are now at the centre and there really is one big cozy family here! We chilled out in the evening and out came the Jenga game again. Recently, it’s been quite the thing around here among the lads. Adam has been showing us all the different games you can play with Jenga blocks. Whilst the lads were busy with that Titi and I were glued to the camera; we couldn’t get enough of posing.

DSC05960 - Copy

After very hot days, our week ended with Jira spoiling us with fried squid followed by swimming trips back to ‘the beach’. That place really is paradise.

DSC06020 DSC06022

By Emmaline


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