The children are loving their classes

By Hossein, Director of IHF Medan center20130506_204828

Hello everybody. Another warm greeting from IHF Medan center. Last week was (I guess) the third week of my presence in the Medan center. Gradually, I’m getting used to the Medan center whilst I’m becoming more familiar with the students it feels more like the Aceh centre here. This is bad, that if you want to get something you need to give up another thing. Whilst in Aceh, I felt like I was staying with my family. I thought I couldn’t find that vibe anywhere else. However, now that I have settled down at the Medan center I feel the same. I was supposed to go back to Aceh next month, but as a new director Caroline will arrive there the day after tomorrow, I will stay in Medan to help my lovely granddaughter Louise in managing the center. However, she is super active and can handle the whole center alone as she did for the entire last year and more, but I am happy to be here and give her a hand in case. Next month she will traveling outside of Indonesia and I am afraid that I can’t manage the center like her. She is really perfect and I am proud of her.


Classes are running in routine base as a result of great directorship of Louise. We started the second phase of our workshops last week after we held a bi weekly exam. The students are so happy with classes and also educational workshops. Some of them who didn’t show up for a while are coming back to their classes and keeping their attendance up as they don’t want to  be behind in the class and lose in the competitions which we have in every workshop. We had a group competition last week with four groups, working on reading and writing skills. Every group consists of three to four members who try to find as much errors and mistakes as possible in the other teams in order to catch their turn and get more scores for their teams.

I like to see them trying to win the matches, as it encourages them to study hard and learn English with eagerness.



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