Goodbye Bali!

By Bárbara, Work-Study volunteer at IHF Bali center

My time in Bali is reaching the end… It’s been an amazing time on this incredible, beautiful island and in the IHF center in particular. On my last week, Emelie and I still had time to go to the market early in the morning so I could live another real Balinese experience before I leave.

When I applied to the IHF I was expecting to teach children in the best way I could and I am the one that actually learned the most while living in a completely different environment from what I am used to. You learn how to be flexible, adjusting yourself to different situations regarding such different cultures and watching the children’s happy faces by the end of this time is very rewarding. I will spend my last days in the Gili islands in Lombok before I get back to Portugal.
I want to thank IHF for this opportunity – I really hope my time here was useful for you as it was for my personal experience during my traveling through South East Asia.
All the best for you all!

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