A busy week!

By Adam Gloser, Work-Study Volunteer at IHF Chiang RaiDSC_0239

This week was more hectic. As school was round the corner, the children began to get nervous and anxious to be active. On Tuesday we visited a waterfall an hours drive from the centre. The trip took us into the hills, through villages and finally through lush forests. At the entrance to the waterfall all of the children ran off, some eager for a swim, others to buy some Nam Deng (red fanta). As we climbed the hillside stairs that led us to the waterfall, we found ourselves surrounded by tall trees with vines similar to those in the George of the Jungle film.

We walked around a boulder and before our eyes, a 7 meter tall waterfall hummed into a small pool. We all jumped into the cool jungle stream and had a great time, climbing up the waterfall, jumping off the surrounding cliffs or splashing around with the toy water pistol. Everybody fell asleep in the drive back home, pleasantly exhausted.

In the evening I forced the older boys to watch Czech Republic play against Norway at the Ice Hockey Championships (which we won! 7-0) but i think they were baffled why this Farang Dong was shouting at the television when Czechs scored!

On Wednesday, a day before school began, some last minute shopping took place and I went to our neighbors with three of our youngest children on the last two functional bikes that we had. I had no idea the children knew the neighbors and so was a little baffled why are we entering some stranger’s property unannounced  But they quickly greeted us and welcomed us to pick fresh lychees, mangoes and lilies from their garden.

On Thursday we woke up after just 4 hours of sleep at 5:30 in the morning, cooked breakfast and sent the children off for their first day of school. We then went to the gym and relaxed by the pool before returning home and working on our online tasks. Finally, on Sunday for dinner we bought everybody Pizza as a reward for greeting us so kindly to the IHF family and as a reward for starting school so well. We later celebrated with a break-dance off.

DSC_0204 DSC_0206 DSC_0218



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