Getting ready for program outbursts!

By Tess Legge, Director of IHF Jakarta

This week Jakarta center is busy with preparations for an upcoming registration day and talent competition, which will be doubling as the launch of our Aflatoun program. We are really excited about opening Aflatoun classes, which is Social and Financial Education for children. The classes are fun and interactive, and are all about building self-confidence, creativity and team work, as well as financial skills like saving and entrepreneurship. All the volunteers had a great time in the training a couple of weeks ago, and we’re looking forward to replicating that for the children.

Fantastic! in SD4

We will also be looking for some new students. Lately the kids have been facing exams, in particular, those in their final year of primary school, junior or senior high school had exams to graduate and move on to the next level. This busy time for students means that our classes have grown smaller over the past few weeks. Now most students are either on holidays or not busy at school, so we will be recruiting in the nearby slum areas to get the word out about our programs.

Fatma throwing the bear in SD4

We’re looking forward to the arrival of our summer volunteers to help us with all these projects, we’ll certainly need all the help we can get!

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