Another wonderful week at Nakuru

By Gordon Andersen, Work-Study volunteer at IHF Kenya center

Yet another busy but lovely week here in IHF Kenya, children went on with their daily activities of the week as usual like waking up very early to make it to school by 7.00 am, doing their laundry after school in preparation for the following day, completing their school work before the next return to school e.t.c.

One of the amazing experiences this week is the sponsorship offered by Gordon one of the work study volunteer in Kenya who decided to join the IHF family sponsorship through sponsoring Sharon one of the children in IHF Kenya. Gordon realized Sharon was talented in football hence he decided to take her to Wiyeta girl’s school, one of the best football schools in the country side. Gordon has also promised to pay for her school fees and other school requirements for the next four years till she completes her secondary education. Sharon is very happy and she promised to work very hard both in academics and football as a way of appreciating Gordon’s sponsorship. We are grateful to Gordon for both volunteering at IHF and his sponsorship for Sharon.

Gordon, Sharon's new sponsor

Another wonderful experience this week is that every child is in school. At least every child has been paid for full amount of this term’s school fees and provided for the required school items. As compared to last term when we had so many children not in school due to lack of school fees and other school requirements, this term is a different case. Although we have few cases who want to stay at home because of faked reasons like sickness, we are trying our best by talking to them politely, to ensure that they don’t miss school even for a single day.visitors from redcross

At the end of this week we had a wonderful time with visitors from the Red Cross society who came to our home to share with our children and put smiles on their face as they also donated some foodstuffs like rice and beans. It was a wonderful visit which lasted for 5-6 hours.  Our children shared various activities at the center with them; for instance, they assisted children to prepare lunch which was shared afterwards, gave pieces of advice to the children and even shared a football match together. Upon their departure, the children sang them goodbye songs and urged them to make another visit soon.

children sharing juice with red cross visitors

Yeah……….., it is another Sunday evening; children are beginning to switch off from the weekend swings to serious business of the week like going to school. Those who did not prepare themselves earlier for school are running helter skelter to ensure everything is fixed for Monday. It is wonderful volunteering at IHF and more especially at IHF Nakuru, Kenya.


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