The Art Attack: Watercolors & Friendships

By Calista, Voluntourist at IHF Bali center

Today was an exciting day for the Bali IHF team. We had our scheduled classes with the SD4 and SD5 students and ran two special projects in the afternoon! The younger students were designing friendship bracelets and the older students were learning color theory with watercolor paints. The students were thrilled about the chance to create something beautiful with their hands. I was equally delighted at the chance to teach the students some art!! The results of the day blew me away.


Yoga, a smiley young boy (pictured), helped me cut string and organize paint colors all morning. We were practicing numbers and pronunciation of colors the entire time. It was great! We set up supplies for 25 students in total and almost 40 showed up! I guess good news travels fast. Yoga helped me squeeze in the extra students. I could have never organized the day without his help. I have to say I was a little envious when he gave his beautiful friendship bracelet to the co-director, Emelie. Although, who could blame him? She is a wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend.blog_2

The ‘art attack’ we had today was the perfect way to wrap up my time at the Bali center. The students and I had so much fun experimenting with watercolors and creating beautiful bracelets. I leave for Canada tomorrow morning and already miss everyone from the center. My time here has been unforgettable. Teaching the students at IHF has been a rewarding experience, one that I know will impact the way I develop as a teacher and mentor for years to come. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers, and most of all, the amazing and talented students. I will miss you all!
Salam sayang, Calista. ??????????

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