Computer Class in Jakarta

By Tess Legge, Co-Director of IHF Jakarta center 

In Jakarta center we offer computer classes to all our kids. For the elementary school kids, when it comes to choosing two classes out of Math, English and Computer, they are usually quick to go for Math and English. However the students who do choose it really enjoy themselves.

 IHF 22-02-13-123
Computer class is a very different environment to English and Math. The students work at their own pace, following a curriculum and completing exercises. At one time, they are all working on different exercises depending on how fast they go, or if they have missed a class. This really appeals to some students, and often the kids who love computer are those who aren’t confident in their other classes, or bright kids who are impatient at having to work at the speed of the others.
 IHF 22-02-13-124
The high school kids in particular have really taken to the class. There are quite a few students who are in informal school to get their high school certificate. They had to leave school to work years earlier, and now they are taking the chance to complete their education. These students are often shy about attending English class, because they’re not confident, but they have a great time in Computer. They really value their education and I’m glad to see them taking all the chances they can to improve their lives.
We are really lucky to be able to offer the classes, thanks to the generous donations of computers over the years. Some of the computers are really old, but they still run Microsoft Office, and students are willing to look past faulty mouses and old monitors to what the can learn.

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