Halo! Nama saya Calista.

By Calista, Voluntourist at IHF Bali center

Halo! Nama saya Calista. I am new to the Bali IHF team and have been on the island now for one full week! Teaching at the Bali center is proving to be both a challenging and rewarding experience. The students are incredible and patient as we work through language barriers together. Our daily classes are filled with countless eyebrow raises, curious facial expressions, smiles, and many laughs! I have decided that laughing at my misfortune and confusion is among their favorite hobbies.

I am really enjoying the challenges that come with teaching the older students at the center. The students in the Junior English and computer classes are intelligent, resilient, and eager to learn. As a visual learner myself, I have been experimenting with learning activities like Pictionary, Word Jumble, and labeling. The visual teaching strategies are really effective because verbal communication can be tough at times! The older students and I are learning from each other and slowly building a relationship. We help each other through every lesson and together make a great team. Kerja kelompok!

Working with the younger children has been really fun. They are lively, entertaining, and ambitious. On my second day, one of the particularly lively and cheeky children was continuously turning around during English class. I guessed that she was chatting with the students behind her. But at the end of class she stood up to move, her chair came with her. It turns out her hair-bow had looped itself around the back of the chair and she had been turning around continuously to try to unhook it. Boy, did I feel silly. We unhooked her hair, shared a high five, and moved on with the English lesson. More entertaining times to come, I am sure.



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