First Week in Banda Aceh

By Carol and Estelle, Voluntourists at IHF Banda Aceh center

We arrived in Aceh on the 2nd of June where we started our voluntary days straight away. During the first week, we held classes for the children who came to our centre.We taught them English and about Chinese culture. Students were very interested and enjoyed studying Chinese handwriting.We also made posters to promote a Chinese workshop and Chinese class that we would run later on that week. Image

The most interesting experience is a trip we took to Blang Krueng. The children there were very enthusiastic and even though they could not understand us very well, we had a good time together. For the little children, we taught them the names of days and months in English through using a ‘days of the month’ song. The children loved it. Their beautiful voices impressed us a lot.


For the older children, we had conversations with them like friends, rather than a class. We talked about their hometowns, hobbies and dreams. Most of them told us that they want to be teachers. We were moved by their warm hearts. It showed us that although we are  from different countries and we speak different languages, we still have interlinked hearts.


At the end of the week, we went to the beach.The sea is so pure and magnificent. We really love it here, even though the conditions are a little tough.We have really enjoyed ourselves here and all of us love Aceh. This has been a meaningful journey for us. Aceh, the small town, we love you so much.



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