First week in Bali

By Qu Sitong (Stephanie), Work-study volunteer at the IHF Bali center

When we arrived at the Bali center late on Saturday afternoon, Emelie and Intang led us to have a walk through the village. It is a beautiful village with a beautiful beach.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.46.27 PMWe planned our up-coming classes on Sunday and held them on Monday. The children are very lovely and naughty. I introduced myself to each class and they remembered my name quickly. During the classes, we helped the director keep order, which let the classes run more efficiently.

BALI1We were excited to teach the children alone on Wednesday and we prepared many colourful paper clothes to act as teaching props. We reviewed the names of clothes and colours and introduced sentences beginning with “He/She has…” and “I have…”. We taught them some descriptive vocabulary, introducing words such as “new”, “old”, “big”, and “small”. Some children were a little naughty, but they still could remember the words.

In our spare time, we have a lot of fun together. One of the volunteers bought a guitar here and the children sing songs while he plays the guitar. Emelie and a little girl danced.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.41.40 PMA week has nearly gone by so quickly. Although it is exhausting to teach class in the hot weather, we still feel very happy to be able to.

We wish for a wonderful next week.


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