By Gordon Anderson, Work-study volunteer at IHF Kenya center

The week certainly keeps us going: “Lomurion” (one of our older boys) and I journey into town to collect his specialised prescription glasses. Julie, one of our Directors here, had previously arranged the appointment after long-term problems with his eyes were only brought to our attention recently. Lomurion was delighted at the immediate difference when he tried the glasses on. He was a little bit shy to begin with but this will undoubtedly help his school grades and his confidence once he adapts to wearing them so this is really great news!

Pic 4

Boshra, the other center Director, has let slip it is her birthday this week and quietly tells me she doesn’t want a fuss. I do what any respectable colleague would do with such confidential information and arrange with all the children for to surprise her with a present, cake, candles and singing! The cake went down very well indeed! Happy Birthday Boshra!

Pic 5

We have had quite a few medical challenges this week. As the medicine cupboard is in my room, I am perceived to be the medicine man and this is definitely not the case! However, through having two children, I know how to patch things up from minor bumps and bruises to scrapes and cuts. I know when fevers and other symptoms are a problem and need more investigation. We have had a few malaria cases, diarrhoea, continued ringworm infections, plenty of cuts and scrapes and have even had a couple of hospital appointments scheduled for chest x-rays and chest clinics. You forget how young some of these children are sometimes as one child (Emmanuel, class 3, pictured in the background below) received a nasty head knock and even after treatment, he was shaking and upset for hours. I couldn’t simply send him back to his dorm as I would have with some of the older boys as he needed someone to hold him and be with him while he recovered. I had him camp out in my room for the afternoon while I was online, allowing me to keep check on him.

Pic 6

This highlights the fact that we are still seeking someone for the position for Volunteer Nurse at the children’s centre in Nakuru, Kenya. We also we have a medical sponsorship programme to help fund for supplies, treatments and hospital appointments for over 70 children here. If either the Volunteer Nurse position or the Medical Sponsorship Programme interests you please follow the below links.

The weekend was shaping up to be a great one!

Late on Friday, we had boys clothes donated from a very generous friend of Emily (our local volunteer at the centre) – Thank you Emily and Friends!

Saturday was the best Family Feeling Day yet as we had clear blue skies, the children were up early and busy, the girls were cleaning dorms and all doing their hair outside; the boys had done litter pickups and were all washing their clothes together early in the day for a change!

On Sunday we had a fantastic fun day with the Kenyan Red Cross when 12 volunteers arrived to have a Family Services Day with the children. We had lots of singing, some talks, a karate lesson followed by the most organised lunch I’ve ever seen here. A big thanks to our children (Lomurion and Sharon) for cooking and arranging everything for our visitors. We were delighted to receive gifts of maize, beans, flour and bananas. This was followed by a serious, inter-centre, 6-aside football tournament which the visitors joined in on and had a great time too! I only lasted two games, back to back, in the heat and had to be left abandoned at the side of the pitch. Our volunteer coach, Harrison, thought this was hilarious. I managed to control the entire midfield area and nobody scored against us while I was on the pitch – respect!

Pic 7


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