Busy days at the Medan center

By Shijia Yang, Voluntourist at Medan IHF center

During this week, I taught SD-2, SD-5 and junior students English. I have decided that I definitely love them! For the SD-2 and SD-5 students, I taught them the names of basic fruits. They are fast learners but I found that some students’ struggled with pronunciation. I made sure that I repeated words multiple times and encouraged students to repeat each word back to me in a loud voice. The students are very smart and clever. I think that if I  continue to help them, with practice, they will become better and better.


Tina and I gave the junior students listening exercises We found that from the questions asked, only several students in the class were good at understanding spoken english. The other students often misunderstood words of similar pronunciation. This has led us to focus the next several classes on listening and simple grammar.


On Friday afternoon, we performed student recruitment near the center. I found that many families have several children and, due to their poor financial situation, they cannot afford to pay for every child’s study fees. When we handed out leaflets to children, asking them to pass it on to their parents, they were very excited because they want to learn  but school isn’t always an option for them. I hope that more and more children will come to our center to study, I think we could make a big difference to their lives.



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