Mandarin language classes at IHF Jakarta

By Danjing Jiang, Voluntourist at IHF Jakarta center

The Jakarta center is now running Mandarin-speaking class on a daily basis. Although now there are only three students Rian, Nunrul and Amel, all of them are full of energy and enthusiasm.


They can now have simple daily conversations, such as ‘你好’ ’谢谢’ ‘对不起’ ‘饭吃了吗’ etc, and when they go shopping, they know how to bargain ’太贵了,便宜点’.

Sometimes, it’s difficult teaching the students how to pronounce ‘chi’,’qi’,’zai’,’ci’, but they soon figure it out through the use of homophonic English words.


Since the students are very enthusiastic to learn Mandarin, they do a very good job and pick it up quickly. Learning how to write is much more difficult than pronunciation and during every lesson, they spend a lot of time making notes. Their commitment to learning is very encouraging. We are hoping to begin a Chinese writing course from  next month, run by the new Chinese volunteers arriving in Jakarta.

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