Bringing a little piece of China to Banda Aceh

By Raphael and Estelle, Voluntourists at IHF Banda Aceh

A new week has begun! We’ve been continuing our routine tasks, such as teaching English, going to Blang Krueng to hold classes and helping out with some jobs around  the center.



We additionally held  a Chinese workshop and a second Chinese language lesson. During the Chinese workshop, we made a short presentation to introduce Chinese culture and spoke about Chinese history, cities, the Beijing Opera, festivals, food and so on. We then taught Chinese paper cutting which everyone picked up very quickly, making beautiful designs. Below is a snowflake that the student cut himself – it is so fantastic that you would not believe it was his first attempt! As you can see, this workshop was really impressive and an amazing experience for us.


In the second Chinese lesson, we gave a mini lecture in Mandarin and reviewed some of the simple Chinese characters we learnt last week. The enthusiasm and passion of the audience impressed us and made us want to tell them everything we knew about Mandarin in the two hours we had available. What’s more, both of the workshop and lesson made us very proud of our country. 



On Sunday, we decided to cook the entire days food for the center ourselves. As a result, we had a Chinese lunch and a French dinner. Although the cooking was a quite tiring and troublesome, we still had a lot of fun. Eating what we cooked ourselves was really enjoyable. The chicken and potatoes cooked in a French way were very delicious, we loved it so much!


On Friday, we held our last lesson at the Aceh center. We left the final thirty minutes of  class free for the students to make a poster. They did it earnestly and what they drew was wonderful.



This is the end of our volunteering journey. To be honest, two weeks was too short for us and we still think there are a lot of things we could do for this center and for the children. We are not willing to leave at all, as this experience has been unforgettable and will be kept in our minds forever. We are looking forward to coming back here and staying for a longer time if there is another chance to do so.


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