A warm life in Bali

By Cheng Zhang, Work-study volunteer at the IHF Bali center

I arrived at the Bali IHF center on the 1st June 2013. The center has two log cabins and a large, beautiful garden. I  immediately felt warm and peaceful in the beautiful natural surroundings.


After unpacking our things, Pak Agus (our center driver and a very kind man) took us to buy SIM cards and change our money to local currency. As the local people were not used to our strong accents when we spoke English, in the process of buying  sim cards and changing money was quite difficult! Fortunately, the people in Bali are kind and compassionate. They explained the currency to us patiently and taught us how to count the zeroes on the notes.  It was a pleasure to have so many people trying to help me!

IMG_0690 (1)


On Monday, we met the lovely children!


Although they can’ t speak too much English,  they were all very happy to see us.  They put us in the middle of the classroom and curiously asked us ‘what’s your name?’.



I am sure that this will be an unforgettable experience because of the warmness and enthusiasm the people of Bali have already shown me.


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