Another busy week at IHF Nakuru

By Emily, IHF Co-Director Nakuru, Kenya.

This week has been a busy one at the Nakuru Kenya center! We received four more volunteers – Vincent, Adams, Molly and Lina who have arrived to us from China. The volunteers have really engaged all of our children! Some of the exciting activities the volunteers have introduced include; art work, painting, watching movies, sports as well as assisting them with completing their school work. The volunteers have also spent personal time with the children, guiding and counselling them on personal matters and encouraging them to work hard in school. It is an amazing experience to receive volunteers at our center as it puts smiles of every child’s face. Volunteers are encouraged to continue streaming into our IHF Centers.

children playing with visitors

This week we also received a lot of gifts for our children from well wishers. The gifts included clothing and foods stuffs. We thank the community around the center for being so caring and concerned about the welfare of our children. Sometimes the community comes in to cook for our children and speak to them regarding social matters which is very pleasant. The people around us around us are very compassionate and we thank them for their time and efforts.

children practising art work as taught by volunteers

Finally we thank our volunteer Gordon who is working so hard to fundraise for the center projects. The good news is that Gordon has already been promised some funds from well wishers and friends which are likely to be sent to the center soon. This is going to be of great assistance to the center’s most urgent projects like roofing the children dormitories, the directors’ block, getting new beddings for our children and renovating our kitchen. Thank you Gordon.

one of the volunteers having good times with the children


volunteer and child

Bye as we look forward to another amazing week which is by the door. Thank you.


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