Many new faces at the Chiang Rai center

By Teri Bruce, Work-study volunteer at IHF Chiang Rai

What an exciting week we have had at the Chiang Rai center, full of new faces! We settled in our two new volunteers from China, Lucy and Suzy. They have been a lovely addition to our team here. The girls taught a basic Chinese language class for the kids, as well as an origami class. The children were especially delighted because the girls brought beatiful new clothes for all the kids. An impromptu fashion show broke out with everyone eager to try on their beautiful new dresses and clothes.

photo (1) (1)

On Wednesday, another volunteer arrived in-center, Evie. Evie is Kate’s younger sister, and it took no time for her to be accepted into our little family! The kids have truly taken to her, they had a blast smothering every inch of her skin in sudocream! Evie is good fun.

photo (5)

We hosted a representative from Alliant University for the weekend as well, and the entire center loved getting to know Elizabeth. She accompanied the group on Saturday when we visited Chiang Rai beach, and we had a blast watching the kids swim and then play in the rain that came later in the afternoon.

It was great having the center so full of people for the week, and the children loved the extra attention and the mix of new ideas for games and activities that came with each fresh volunteer. Things are getting better and better as my time at Chiang Rai progresses, I certainly consider it a home.


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