Teaching English in Medan

By Sen Yang, Voluntourist at the IHF Medan center
I am currently volunteering at the Medan center in Indonesia and I will be here for one week. I am very happy to be a volunteer in Medan because I love the kids here and I feel like they love me back.
During this week, I taught senior, SD1 and SD4 students. Teaching has turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be! However, I am happy to talk with the students and pass on my knowledge. I found that there are many challenges with teaching. Firstly, although some students are in the same class, their levels are very different. This means that if I teach English tenses, for example, some of students already have a good knowledge on them, while it is a completely foreign concept to others. It is additionally difficult to teach a subject as plain as English tenses and keep all the students interested. Secondly, the noise can be very loud outside and sometimes students find it hard to hear our voices.
DSC05756Although there are some challenges, the experience here has been very valuable and the director is a really nice person. She has helped us a lot. People here are very kind and I like them very much. The center feels just like my home. Thanks for this amazing trip IHF!

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