Last week in Jakarta

By Xiong Lannshan, Voluntourist at IHF Jakarta

Today is the last day I will be teaching the children at the Jakarta IHF center English. My last day  has arrived very suddenly! The children here are always itching for new knowledge and they are enthusiastic to understand everything around them. They are naughty but always listen to what the teachers tell them to do. When I give a gift to them, I can see the large smiles on their faces which gives me an amazing sensation that I have never felt before.

IMG_6308As well as teaching English, I am also my friend JIANG Danjing’s  assistant in teaching Chinese. There are currently four junior high school students who attend our Chinese classes. Chinese is a very difficult language for the students to learn because of large differences in pronunciation when compared to Bahasa Indonesian. This does not deter them and they continue to study very hard, taking notes and remembering all the new characters and sentences they are introduced to. We have taught them how to greet with people, how to say food names and how to describe what they are doing. After class, we go out for dinner every night.


Yesterday, Ayu and Tess took us to a swimming pool near Kasablanka. It was an awesome place and we took underwater pictures – they turned out very well!!
I hope that everything will continue to go well for everyone here. I love everyone so much and I will greatly miss everyone at the Jakarta center. Let’s keep in touch!!!!  🙂

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