First impressions of Bali

By Stuart Anderson ,Work Study Volunteer IHF Bali Centre

It has been a very eventful first few days at the Bali centre. So much so, that I already feel part of the family and can`t imagine doing anything more worthwhile or fulfilling with my time.

The kids here are truly inspirational, possessing a real zest for life and thirst for knowledge seldom seen in richer nations. It certainly puts alot of things into perspective when you see how happy these children are with the little they have.


I honestly couldnt pick a highlight of the week at this point, as everyday brings so much fun and laughter, I can already imagine how hard its going to be to leave this little piece of heaven.


The outside world feels a million miles away yet all the staff and volunteers here are working incredibly hard to make sure that we stay connected to those sponsors past present and future who are really making a difference to these kids lives.

2013-06-04 14.11.14 Stuart (1)

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