First week at the Nakuru centre

By Yuntao XU, Voluntourist the the IHF Nakuru center

This is my first week at the Nakuru centre. Everything has been going very well and I have really enjoyed my time here so far. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in the centre, such as roof repairs, working on the farm, teaching, etc. The children here are so welcoming, nice and cute. There is so much to take in and I have already learnt a lot.


I play a lot of games with children – most of the time, they play much better than I do!


We held a family meeting on Friday night and I was surprised at the children’s talents in dancing and singing. We sat down together and made plans for next week. This was a good opportunity for us to hear about what each child is learning about at school and it provided a good stage for communication between the children and staff.


I worked on the farm on Saturday with the children. With the children’s help, I learnt about many farming practices. Everyone in the centre got involved. The weather was hot, but we all really enjoyed working together.


In the afternoon, I watched as the older boys had a football match against a team from the local community. We ended up winning the game! It was interesting to note that the boys did’t have  football shoes and therefore, they played the game with bare feet. This was really not safe for them! It would be fantastic to raise funds for sports equipment for the center and this will hopefully be an up-coming project.

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