Second week at the Bali center

By QU Sitong, Voluntourist at the IHF Bali center

This is the second week I’ve spent at the Bali center.

On Monday, my partner was ill and I found myself having to teach a large class of students – all by myself, for the first time! I felt good about my work as the class seemed to run very well. During the class, I taught the students some basic vocabulary which they remembered quickly. I asked them to stand infront of the board and write down one new word they had learnt at a time. In order to memorise the words better, we played the game ‘hang man’ which the children really enjoyed. Through the game, the students remembered all the words happily.


In another class, I asked the children to review words for describing their family members. To make my class more interesting, I drew a family tree. The children liked this very much.

At the end of this week, I helped the students draw a poster for their class sponsor. We surrounded it around a picture of Bali. The children love to be creative and we had a lot of fun together.


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