A football champion at the Kenya center!

By Emily, IHF Co-Director Nakuru, Kenya.

Hallo all,

This has been yet another busy week full of school meetings for parents and guardians at our children’s schools. As usual, it is our role as volunteers to ensure the welfare of the children both in school and at home.  It was actually a wonderful experience going to the schools, learning about the welfare of our children but sometimes, they disfavor most of our volunteers who are whites because they are conducted in Swahili language  (which is the national language in Kenya).

Another wonderful event of the week was that our child, Lewis, emerged as the football champion in his school. Lewis does very well in sports – to the extent of going for competitions at provincial level. We have great hopes that Lewis is going up to national levels.

Lewis, foot ball champion


football team, KenyaAs usual, this week we also received gifts for our children from well wishers. The gifts were clothing which are going to keep our children warm especially during this rainy season.

Finally I thank my fellow volunteers for their wonderful support they are giving to our children even during the challenging times. The volunteers here dedicate a lot of our time to ensure our children are happy and that they are safe, both physically and psychologically. Volunteering to assist children really is something encouraging and constructive.

Best luck as all of us look forward to another amazing week which is by the door. Thank you.

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