Teaching classes at the Medan center

By DONG Jiya (Carol)

In this week, I  held four classes. I initially asked students about what they wanted to learn and covered that first, before continuing with the material I had pre-prepared for each lesson. I used a PPT presentation to help with my explanations. My partner and I take turns with being the head teacher of each class, while the other acts as more of a superviser, ensuring that all the students remain disciplined.


On Tuesday, I taught the year 4 students some vocabulary about animals and fruits and played games of “drawing and guessing”, awarding the winners with candies. The students were very active and excited.

On Wednesday, I taught senior students about  rules regarding past tense and perfect tense, as well as asked one student to asks question about it with another student answering these. The students who answered these questions correctly were also awarded with candy.

On Thursday, I helped Louise and some students with recruitment, visiting various student houses. The parents were very friendly and hospitable.


This week has been very meaningful for me – I’m sure that I will never forget about it.


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