End of year events at IHF Aceh center

By Philippe, IHF Aceh center co-director

It has been another busy week here at the Banda Aceh IHF center! Three Chinese volunteers who are currently at the center are now teaching English to the kids. They have strong Chinese accents, but the kids enjoy that a lot! The students had the opportunity to participate in a paper cutting lesson, cutting pieces of colored folded paper, giving many complicated and symmetrical shapes once unfolded.


Another problem was easily fixed for us this week: How can we raise money for the center easily? It turns out that we can do this by not cutting our bamboo trees all year! With the local election rapidly approaching, our large bamboo plants are in high demand to make poles out to mount election banners on. We received a good pay-out for our bamboo – how unexpected!

Tomorrow is the centers anual “Pass it on” ceremony. This ceremony celebrates the end of the semester. The kids will be rewarded in relation to the grades they have gotten during their final exams over the 2 past weeks. Obviously, this is a time of happiness for the kids who get the good results, but also for sadness for the one with bad results. However, as I always remind them “one single exam cannot show the real level of a student, everybody can succeed 10 times and fail once”.


It’s now close to Ramadan and holidays, so less kids are coming to the center. It’s now time for a lot more educative games, songs, laughter and entertainment. It’s time for Aceh Center to transform study time into leisure time. This will be a fun next month!



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