Busy life in Bali

By Cheng ZHANG, Voluntourist at the IHF Bali center

It has been a very busy week! Starting this week, Stephanie and myself have begun to teach classes by ourselves. We mainly teach class 1, class 2 and class 5, where all the students are quite young. They are often very noisy and active, making it quite hard to control the whole class sometimes!


Although the children can be naughty, we still think that they are lovely. As children are active by nature, it’s reassuring to think that those children are so active because they are all healthy and happy.


Besides teaching classes as a work study volunteer, I also have a lot of international tasks to do. Being so busy makes me feel very useful and needed O(∩_∩)O. My fundraising task of translating some IHF ads into Chinese is my most enjoyable project. I know that after translating these ads, many more people will know about IHF, and then these people will also have the opportunity to be involved with IHF and make their lives more fulfilled.



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