Meeting the children at Chaing Rai

By Evie Bool, Voluntourist at Chaing Rai

I’m Evie, and this is my first blog from the Chaing Rai centre after arriving a couple of weeks ago to join my sister, the director. Prior to my trip she told me how wonderful, amusing and unique all thirteen of the children are, and I have definitely not been disappointed. From waving them off in the school truck in the morning, to lights out in the evening, the children have all individually made my experience so far, an undeniably cherished one.

On Tuesday there was a perfect excuse for an IHF party! Some impressive shapes were thrown on the dancefloor, cake and Fanta (the children’s favourite) was shared and a gorgeous Thai dinner enjoyed, all in the name of Arisa’s sweet 16 birthday. The evening was great fun, and a good opportunity for our three new volunteers to meet and get to know everyone.



image (3)

We were all very proud of our very own A* students this week, who were mentioned at their parent’s evening. Kantiya and Darid received the very prestigious excellent student awards, and Sukanya and Janjira were presented with special recognition awards. Big congratulations to all our children for their outstanding academic achievements!

This week at school, our youngest boy Juraiyu, fell and broke his arm while playing at school. It was heartening to see how all the children rallied together, showing their support and treating him like a prince while he was recovering. For our little patient, the next day was filled with tears, cuddles and lots of Tom and Jerry. The true family spirit that strengthens the IHF Chiang Rai was unveiled once again.

image (2)

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