A two-week stay is not long enough!

By Tian Wen, Voluntourist at IHF Medan center

This is my first time to go aboard and become a responsible volunteer. The children at the center have encouraged me to overcome any difficulties I have faced, like the high temperature I ran during some brief illness I experienced, and have bought much happiness to my daily life. During the first week, I have taught junior and primary student English class.


The kids are positive and active in class which makes me realize that they are eager for the knowledge I can offer them and that they deserve a better education.

We know each other through sharing in leisure-time activities and the kindness of all of the kids surprises me. I always feel their warm hearts in this strange country.

Untitled2Every time the kids tell me stories about previous volunteers, I perceive that maybe volunteer activity is just a simple experience in our minds, however, it has a huge influence on their future lives. My time staying with these nice children is so short that I feel the need  to live next week with passion and make the most of my time here.



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