Using music to spread the word about IHF in Bali

By XIE Wenyu, Work study volunteer at IHF Bali center

This week is the last week I’ll be staying at the Bali center and I have done a lot of unforgettable things these past few days. I took my guitar and, together with my colleague, went to perform in the local market on Wednesday morning. We played songs while walking through the market place, promoting IHF while simultaneously doing fund-raising and, actually, you cannot imagine how fun it was.


However, now it’s time for me to leave. I feel myself unable to leave the children here. I still remember how I couldn’t adapt to the surroundings and the temperature at first, but when I really got in touch with the environment, I fell in love with it. My English class, math class, and music classes all bought me much happiness. This experience of volunteering has helped me learn many things. I hope that children I have worked with will be happier and if there is an opportunity, I will definitely come back in the future.


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