Working hard at Chiang Rai!

This is the first week of my stay at the Thailand IHF center. After 27 hours long trip, I finally arrived and met our beautiful friendly director, Kate. To be honest, at first, I was a little disappointed because of the accommodation conditions. However, the modest living standards were soon forgotten after meeting the children – they are really really lovely!

Two girls came and gave me a warm hug, and my heart was touched.
CH1Next morning, we cleaned every room of the center and welcomed a new director and 2 new volunteers. In the afternoon, we went to the children’s school to pick up them. In the evening, we played with them. Most of them are shy and speak little English – we keep encouraging them to try and speak more with confidence.
Throughout the rest of the week, my friends and I did a lot of work. We cut the weeds, picked up leaves, cleaned the kitchen and did online tasks.
CR2The children are lovely, director is friendly and Chiang Rai is beautiful. Life in center is meaningful and I have already learnt a lot of things. We will keep working.

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