First week in Medan

By XU Ning, Voluntourist at IHF Medan

After an 8 hour flight, I arrived at the IHF Medan Center. Nervous but excited. Louise, the director of Medan, was passionate and told us all about life at the Center. The studnets come to the center after school and we teach them English. It is difficult for us to prepare our first class because we don’t know their English level or what they like to do. However, to my surprised, they were all very enthusiastic and happy to learn about anything and everything.


For grade three students, we taught them basic vocabulary and some songs which related to what they had learned in class. If they did well, we would gave them candies and Chinese gifts.










For grade six students, we made conversations with them and gave them listening practice, but these may have been a little too difficult for them! After class, they told me, they want to learn English by playing English games. We need to change our teaching method by next week!

On the weekend, we went to Lake Toba with Louise. The place is beautiful and people are nice. We swam, danced, had fun beside the lake. Ooooh~ wonderful~



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