New volunteers completing the IHF Jakarta team

By Karolina, Co-Director of Jakarta IHF

In June our Jakarta center was blessed with several local volunteers. Lina, Lusi and Siti were an excellent addition to our team of regular local volunteers: Annisa, Dita and Nanda.

Siti had already taught English at our center 3 years ago, but took a break when she was expecting her second baby. A few weeks back she visited us and offered to help out with English and Aflatoun classes on Saturdays. She was still well remembered by Ade and Ayu, our older children, and she was happy to see them so grown up. We all hope that Siti will keep assisting us with all activities at the center for months to come!

Lusi was teaching Math and Computer through most of June. She also helped with sponsor letters and organized pantomime class on Tuesdays. All kids immediately took to her and everybody was very excited about the pantomime class. Right when Lusi had completed her planned period with us, Lina joined the center. She took over most of Math and Computer classes and helped out with Aflatoun. Lina showed a lot of concern for some of the children who are lagging behind in math, and tried to find a constructive approach to their problems. She also helped us conduct end-of-year math tests in most classes.

There was also a reason to celebrate this week: Ayu has finished her entrance exams for university and, although the results won’t be known for several weeks, we decided to have an evening out to help her unwind after the exam stress. We had a karaoke night, as you can see on the pictures. Teaching the next day was a struggle, since our vocal cords were severely damaged from the night before, but it was well worth it!

IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0138 IMG_0149

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