Enjoying beautiful Balinese beaches

By Zheng Danfeng, Voluntourist at the IHF Bali centre

Every afternoon after finishing class, we go to the beach to have a good time.照片 018

There are many fun things to do there. For example, I collect small shells which can be strung into a bracelet. I also meet with local children, most of who are participating in classes at the Bali IHF center.

照片 020

We play games at the beach and, if it’s a sunny day, we swim and surf near the seaside. I’m looking forward to take part in the childrens activities tomorrow as they are so lovely that they make you smile unbearably. Also, I have met many local people fishing near the
seaside who greet me in a friendly way. All these things here make me feel like I’m at home.

照片 019

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