Ramadhan continues at the Banda Aceh IHF center

By Yasien, Work-study volunteer at Banda Aceh IHF

Now that is it Ramadan, we’ve decided to hold life lesson classes that will benefit the children in the future as well as give them a break from the regular English and Math classes. In Ramadan the kids do not have regular school, so this is their equivalent to the summer break that we have in the United States.

Dance class (1)However in Aceh, the city is transformed in this month into a spiritual haven for all people. People are kinder and more welcoming that they were before, even though I thought it wasn’t possible. Although the children are tired in the afternoons due to their fasting, many still attend our classes and are eager to learn with us. We have had painting workshops, quran reading, photography workshops, and brooch making workshops, all of which have been enjoyable learning experiences for us and our students.

painting class pictureWith only three weeks left in Indonesia, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be back someday. I have made some amazing friends of all ages, despite the language barrier and the opposite-side-of-the-worldedness of Aceh, Indonesia. Marhaban ya Ramadan, silakan tinggal bersama kami.

Photography class

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