Sharing talents in IHF Thailand

By Eveline, Work-Study volunteer at the IHF Chiang Rai center, Thailand

This week at IHF, Chiang Rai, fellow volunteer Terri and I went along to the children’s high school to watch one of our girls, Juripon, perform in the talent show. Juripon is an active member of her school’s dance club, so there was a lot of cheering from the audience (mostly coming from Terri and I’s seats) as she popped, locked and breakdanced away on stage with her two friends. Not only was this a great chance to support and congratulate Juripon with her hobby, but also for to see the high school for the first time, as education is fundamental to the IHF mission.

Much to the children’s happiness, one of our volunteers, Herman, has taken it upon himself to repair all the bicycles we have at the centre – skills he gained through helping his grandfather fix bikes as a child. The tables seemed to have turned though, as now all our children were watching and helping Herman, and were wasting no time in hopping back on and ringing their bells! We are all very grateful for his efforts.



On Tuesday Chiang Rai welcomed four new volunteers to the centre, and we’re all very happy to have them on our team. However, this week, we also wave goodbye to Herman, Terri, Phoebe and Garret, who are all either returning home or continuing with their travels across Thailand. We wish all of them well!

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