Teaching English in Medan

By WU Yinghan (Joyce), Volutourist at IHF Medan center

I arrived at the Medan center with Carol on the 2nd of June and was really excited (even though we had just been through a long time from Shanghai to Medan at night). I wanted to see the students immediately but as it was Sunday, there were only three students here. We still had a happy discussion about what they learnt about at school in grade 3 and grade 6. I was told that I would be teaching both of these grades with Nicole and we wanted to have a deeper understanding on the knowledge that the students are lacking in, allowing us to better prepare for the classes of that week.Untitled


The local volunteers are really nice and friendly. We took photos together and talked a lot. Two nice girls helped us translate English into Indonesian when students could not understand us. Students in grade 3 are really active and they can learn to sing new songs at a very short time. This led us to teaching them three new songs just last week. The songs: ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and ‘Two little eyes’ aew related to new vocabulary about parts of body, and ‘Be what you want to be’ was related to new words about jobs and the family tree. All the students did a good job and were awarded many gifts from us.



For students in grade 6, we focused more on conversational English and listening. These students are more quite than the younger students, but this means that we can have a better conversation with them. It seemed that the listening activity was a little bit difficult for them but one girl could still translate the whole story to the class. We asked the students about what they want to learn in the next class and they told us that want to play games. So we will prepare some games with new vocabulary for our future classes.


Thursday was a holiday last week, so we went to promote IHF and visited some students at their homes. I wish more students would come to the center and benefit from IHF. Our students’ parents are really nice and treated us with fresh mango juice. It was the best mango juice I have ever drank! After one week’s volunteering work, I feel I have gotten closer with students and I love them so much!! Now they can say ‘I love you’ in Chinese WO AI NI~~~aha!


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