Exam time at the IHF Jakarta center

By Karolina, Co-director at the IHF Jakarta center

As in all Indonesian centers, the week from 24 to 30 June was all about end-of-year exams. Jakarta scheduled English exams in all classes for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Math exams for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Having the exams required a lot of coordination; several classes were split into two groups and placed in two classrooms to give each student enough space and avoid “friendly cooperation” between students.


Grade 1 and 2 had only oral exam for English, which was conducted in a very easy-going atmosphere and did not really resemble an exam. At the same time, it was crucial to get this opportunity to assess each student’s particular abilities, so that we, the teachers, can plan our classes better.

Grade 3 exam

It was astonishing that students who had missed their scheduled exam day approached teachers during the next class asking to be given a chance to take the exam nevertheless. It shows that students take the learning process very seriously and want to be part of it all, even the tough parts.

Grade 3 exams 2

Another thing we noticed was that the exams are a great teaching tool. In the first step, students had to work on the exam sheets on their own. In the next class, the exam problems were talked through and given answers to with the whole class, giving everyone another chance to understand the issue at hand.

The best part of the exam is, of course, the certificates and gifts that students will receive for their achievement during the upcoming “Pass it on” ceremony. You will find out about this from our next blog piece!

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