Learning about a new way of life at Chiang Rai

By Yingguang, Work-study volunteer at the IHF Chiang Rai center

After a 27 hour trip, my friends and I finally arrived in ChiangRai. Both the director and her sister were waiting for us at the airport and gave us a warm welcome. Later, we were surprised by both their ages, both being in their early twenties! Both are very kind and friendly to us. They are not older than us, but have much more responsibility, experience, courage and knowledge than us.


On the first day, we bought some daily necessities from the central plaza and had a nice sleep. In the morning of the second day, we cleaned all the center include rooms, bathroom, living room and garden in order to welcome a new director and volunteers. In the afternoon, we picked up kids from their school and in the evening, we introduced the center to the new volunteers.Thai3

The kids in the center are very shy and at first, were not too eager to talk to us. Throughout the rest day of this week, we picked up children several times, played with the children in the center and did online tasks. Even though the weather was always hot, we enjoyed daily life and working. On the weekends, we went to the ChiangRai night market and enjoyed the delicious foods there. Tiring work, but happy days!Thai2


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