The rewards of teaching English in Medan

By DONG Jiya, Voluntourist at the IHF Medan center

This week, I held classes for senior students and grade three students. In all my classes, I taught students vocabulary or grammar, and then played games by reviewing what they had learnt. At the end of the each class, I played some MVs for students. I found that the students here all liked games and pop stars. I played a MV of Beyonce for senior students and MV of Gangnan Style and Baby for Grade three students.???????????????????????????????
For games, I played “drawing and guessing” and “the hanging man” with students and finally found that the students were better at playing games than I am! The students were very smart and learned things quickly, moreover, the students were very good-mannered. When I gave them candies, they all politely said “Thank you”.???????????????????????????????
Teaching the students in Medan center is really a very meaningful experience for me because not only are the kids here very cute, but the director here is also a really kind person.

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