Settling into Bali

By LV Runeng, Work-Study volunteer at IHF Bali

This week is my first week at the IHF Bali Center! Everything is so amazing, especially in the environment and the people here. There are many trees and because of this, you don’t  need to use the air-conditioning or even fans. The natural wind cools us down enough! The house is clean and you must take off your shoes to enter. Occasionally, we find some insects inside the house, but don’t be afraid – they are all friendly.


The children are so cute. I find it difficult to communicate with them occasionally because of our different languages. I have started to learn some simple words of the local language. The children are so clever. At the beginning, they are shy but they gradually became active and even start to play jokes on you. This is means you need to be careful, or you may be attacked by the children, haha, so interesting!


All the children love to paint posters for their international sponsors. Without their sponsors, the children would not have such a wonderful life! When I see the children so happy at the center, my thanks to their sponsors comes from

the bottom from my heart. I have decided that someday, when I have enough money, I will also donate to IHF and to these lovely children. 



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