Launching new, fun events at IHF Kenya

By Kevin, Work-Study volunteer at IHF Kenya

My second week at IHF Kenya has been very interesting. I was engaged in many different activities. I continued working with the local football team in an effort to have supplies donated to them. I also took more kids shopping with donated funds, and I worked and played with the kids inside the home. It is an exciting and demanding job, but I am enjoying it.k2

The directors and I are in the process of hosting several events for the children, including an arts and entertainment day, as well as a football tournament. We hope to get these events up and running as soon as possible. There are so many things I would like to do for the children, and we are going to make every effort to ensure that many of these events happen.k3

I am looking forward to my third week, hopefully this will be the week that we can finalize the great ideas we have planned, so that the children can enjoy them.k1

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