Working hard at Chiang Rai

By Xiang SUN, Work-study volunteer Chiang Rai IHF

This is our first week working at the Chiang Rai IHF center. On the 30th of June, my friends and I arrived at the center to start our 4 weeks’ volunteer work and study. On the first day, we  met our friendly and responsible director Kate and her sister. After having a rest, we got straight to work. On the first working day, we cleaned the rooms to welcomed the new director and volunteers. On the next few day, we  picked up the children from their school and played with them. Every evening, we do online task. Our daily tasks include cutting weeds, picking up litter, cleaning bathroom and so on. At nights, we also help the children cook their dinner.


I have to say the life in the center is very different than what i thought before but it is very meaningful. Tomorrow, we have decided to print the walls inside the center. I hope we will have a nice month here.T2

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