Discovering Banda Aceh

By  SUN Yufeng, Voluntourist at IHF Banda Aceh

A cat colored black and white lives near the center – he is such a smart guy and  has worked out the exact time of our meals so he comes and waits to be fed!


We have been going to the beach with the center directors, Joko and Caroline. It a very beautiful, natural beach and is fantastic! Both the wind and waves are big – we fight against the huge waves and it’s  awesome!

BA2 In addition, I have found that the local people are really friendly and the atmosphere in Banda Aceh is very simple and harmonious. Most of the local resident are Muslim and they are interested in foreign people. They like to speak with you.

Since it is Ramadan here in August, the children are on vacation. Children still come to the center to play with us and have French classes. We are currently preparing for Chinese classes too. There is a game here called UNO and it’s very popular. I have played the game with our students and Joko and I lost so many times that my face was covered in flour! BA3

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