Final reflections on time in Bali

By Stuart Anderson, Work-study volunteer at HF Bali center

It has been a very long week here at the Bali centre. The students completed their exams on Friday and I have been really impressed with how well most of the kids did. Its satisfying to know that IHF is doing such great work and I`m really proud to have been a part of that.

On Saturday we held the graduation ceremony for the kids, complete with awards for each class, a treasure hunt for extra prizes and food and drinks for all. It was a good turnout and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves.

As I reach the end of my fourth week here, I am trying to prepare myself for leaving. I have had such a great time and I really feel like I`m getting to know the kids individual personalities. At the same time the children seemed to have gotten used to seeing me, and it is them that I will miss the most.BB1

I will take so many truly wonderful memories with me when I leave next week. Playing with the kids at the beach. Teaching classes which was almost always the best part of my day. As well as learning from the children what it takes to be happy. Compared with most western children these kids live in meagre conditions yet they seem to be happy most of time. Throughout my month here I only have one regret, and that is not staying for longer.BB2


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