Second week in Medan Center

By XU Ning, Voluntourist IHF Medan Center

My second week is going to end soon and that means I will leave the Medan Center. After my first week, I now have basic experience in preparing classes and know how to get along well with students. This will make the second week easier than the first week.

I  taught grade 3 students songs in every class and they enjoyed it. However, our songs this week were not just related to children songs; we also taught them some popular songs, like Be What You Wanna Be. We also taught students vocabulary relating to animal names and weather and showed them some videos. The classes were interesting and we felt happy from the children’s passion.


For grade six, who like to play games in classes, so we prepared two games for them: You Draw, I Guess and Passing Down. These are not only fun, but also give the students knowledge.MED2

These 16 days have been very special and unforgettable. I will miss these students, this time and the center director, Louise.


MED3Join IHF, enjoy your life!MED4


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